Ultimate Comparison of Best Slow Cooker: Presto 06006 Vs 06003

Are you looking for a multi-cooker that can do it all? The Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker and the Presto 06003 Electric Multi-Cooker are two of the top rated multi-cookers on the market today. But how do you know which one is the best fit for your lifestyle?

In this article, we’ll compare the Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker and the Presto 06003 Electric Multi-Cooker, so you can decide which one is the best for you. We’ll take a look at the features of each, discuss their pros and cons, and determine which one is the best choice for your needs. So, if you’re ready to make an informed decision and find the perfect multi-cooker for you, read on.

Presto 06006 Vs 06003 Multicooker Comparison

FeaturesPresto 06006Presto 06003
Dimensions6x8x6 Inches12.63x9.5x9 Inches
Weight5.00 Pounds13 Pounds
Capacity5 Quarts6 Quarts
Wattage1200 watts1300 watts
Control TypeRotary DialRotary Dial
Temperature RangeWarm to 400FWarm to 400F
AccessoriesSteaming & Roasting BasketSteaming & Roasting Basket
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Ratings4.6/5 Stars4.7/5 Stars
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Key Difference Between Presto 06006 Vs Presto 06003 Multi-Cooker

The Presto 06006 and Presto 06003 are both electric multi-cookers made by Presto, but they have several differences in terms of their features and specifications.

First, the Presto 06006 is smaller in size, measuring 6x8x6 inches, while the Presto 06003 is larger, with dimensions of 12.63×9.5×9 inches. The Presto 06006 is also lighter, weighing 5 pounds, compared to the 13-pound Presto 06003. Both models are made of aluminum and come in black color.

In terms of capacity, the Presto 06006 has a 5-quart capacity, while the Presto 06003 has a 6-quart capacity. The Presto 06003 also has a higher wattage of 1300 watts, compared to the 1200 watts of the Presto 06006. Both models have a rotary dial control type and a temperature range of warm to 400F. They also come with a steaming and roasting basket as an accessory.

Both the Presto 06006 and Presto 06003 come with a 1-year warranty and have received positive ratings, with the Presto 06003 having a slightly higher rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars compared to the 4.6 out of 5 stars of the Presto 06006.

In conclusion, the Presto 06003 is a larger and more powerful electric multi-cooker compared to the Presto 06006, but both models have similar features and capabilities. The choice between the two will depend on individual needs and preferences.

Quick Rundown of Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker

Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker/Steamer, Black
  • So versatile you'll use it every day Makes soups and casseroles Steams vegetables and rice cooks pasta Roasts beef pork and poultry
  • Deep fries six servings in handy steam/fry basket Heavy cast aluminum base for even heat distribution

Pros √

  • Handy basket for steaming, blanching, and deep-frying
  • Non-stick finish
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cost-effective
  • Control Master heat regulator
  • Tempered glass cover
  • Even heat distribution

Cons ×

  • The lid does not fit correctly when the basket is in use
  • When the pot is in use, the handles may heat up

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Quick Rundown of Presto 06003 Electric Multi-Cooker

Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi-Cooker/Steamer
  • All-purpose kettle for stews, roasting and steaming.
  • Fully submersible with Control Master heat control removed.

Pros √

  • All the components of this cooker are dishwasher safe except its removable heat control panel.
  • The cooker performs all its frying, cooking, and steaming tasks in the most remarkable way possible.
  • The compact design of the cooker also makes it hassle-free to conveniently store the equipment in a small space of your kitchen.
  • The nonstick coating of the cooker featured inside and out makes it extremely painless to clean the appliance after use.
  • Put all the three parts i.e. the pot, the basket, and the lid in the dishwasher and you are good to go.
  • The package also includes instruction manual along with the information relevant to cooking time and some of the easy and delicious recipes.

Cons ×

  • Cannot use this cooker for steaming poultry or seafood.

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Verdict: Presto 06006 Vs Presto 06003 Electric Multi-Cooker

Both the Presto 06006 and Presto 06003 are great electric multi-cookers that offer a range of cooking options and are made from high-quality materials. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, the Presto 06003 stands out for its larger size, higher wattage, and larger capacity. These features make the Presto 06003 a great option for those who have a big family or like to cook in bulk, as it can easily handle larger portions and cook them evenly.

Overall, the Presto 06003 is an excellent electric multi-cooker that offers great value for its price, with a variety of features and a spacious interior that make it a versatile addition to any kitchen. Its bigger size and higher wattage make it a better choice for those who need more cooking space and power, making it an ideal choice for families or those who like to entertain. So, if you’re in the market for an electric multi-cooker, the Presto 06003 is definitely worth considering.

Slow Cooker Buying Guide

A slow cooker is an essential kitchen appliance for those who want to make delicious and convenient meals with ease. With its ability to slow cook food over an extended period, it’s an excellent choice for busy individuals who want to come home to a hot and ready meal. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right slow cooker for your needs. This buying guide will help you make an informed decision and choose the best slow cooker for your lifestyle.


The first thing to consider when buying a slow cooker is its capacity. Slow cookers come in a range of sizes, from small ones that are great for cooking for one or two people, to larger ones that can accommodate big families or entertaining. Consider the size of your household and the type of meals you’ll be cooking to determine the best capacity for your needs.

Temperature Settings

Another important factor to consider is temperature control. Slow cookers typically have low, medium, and high temperature settings. Some models may also have an automatic “keep warm” setting that keeps food at a safe temperature after cooking is complete. Choose a slow cooker with adjustable temperature control to ensure your food cooks at the desired temperature.


Slow cookers come in two main shapes: oval and round. Oval-shaped slow cookers are ideal for cooking larger cuts of meat like roasts or whole chickens. Round slow cookers, on the other hand, are best for smaller meals or side dishes. Consider the type of food you’ll be cooking to determine the best shape for your needs.

Programmable Timer

A programmable timer allows you to set the cooking time and automatically switches the slow cooker to “keep warm” when cooking is complete. This is a convenient feature for those who want to come home to a hot and ready meal. Some models also have a delayed start option, so you can set the slow cooker to start cooking at a later time, making it perfect for those who want to start cooking while they’re at work.

Stovetop Safe

If you’re looking to brown your meat before slow cooking it, consider purchasing a slow cooker that’s stovetop safe. This will allow you to brown the meat on the stove and then transfer it to the slow cooker for the remainder of the cooking process.

Lid Type

The lid is an important part of a slow cooker as it helps to retain moisture and heat while cooking. Some slow cookers come with a glass lid, which allows you to check on your food without lifting the lid and releasing heat. Other slow cookers come with a metal lid, which is ideal for those who plan to use the slow cooker for transporting food.


Consider the ease of cleaning when choosing a slow cooker. Look for models with removable stoneware inserts that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The exterior should also be easy to wipe clean.


Slow cookers can range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. The price will depend on the features and capacity of the slow cooker. Consider your budget and choose a slow cooker that fits your needs and budget.

In conclusion, slow cookers are a great addition to any kitchen. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Consider the capacity, temperature control, shape, programmable timer, stovetop safety, lid type, ease of cleaning, and price when choosing a slow cooker. With the right slow cooker, you can enjoy delicious, hot, and convenient meals every day.

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