Outdoor Gas Griddle Comparison: Blackstone 1554 vs 1825

If you are in the market for a high-quality propane griddle for outdoor cooking, you may have come across the Blackstone 1554 and 1825 models. Both of these griddles offer large cooking surfaces, multiple burners, and impressive heating output, making them great options for a variety of dishes. However, there are some key differences between the two models that are worth considering before making a purchase. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Blackstone 1554 and 1825 propane griddles, comparing their features and specifications to help you determine which one is right for you.

Whether you are a seasoned grill master or just getting started, having a propane griddle can be a game-changer for your outdoor cooking. With a large, flat cooking surface, propane griddles allow you to cook a wide range of dishes, from eggs and pancakes to steaks and vegetables. Blackstone has been at the forefront of the propane griddle market, offering several models that are designed to meet the needs of both casual and professional users. In this post, we will be taking a closer look at two of their popular models, the Blackstone 1554 and 1825 propane griddles, to help you make an informed decision.

Blackstone 1554 vs 1825 Gas Griddle Comparison Chart

FeaturesBlackstone 1554 GriddleBlackstone 1825 Griddle
Dimensions62.5x22x36 Inches66.25x27.6x35.4 Inches
Weight120 Pounds134 Pounds
TypeFlat Top GriddleFlat Top Griddle
No. of Burners4 Burners4 Burners
Heating Output15,000 BTU per Burner 15,000 BTU per Burner
Total 60,000 BTUTotal 60,000 BTU
Cooking Surface720 Square Inches720 Square Inches
Temperature Controls4 Dials (One for Each Burner)4 Dials (One for Each Burner)
IgnitionBattery Powered Push Button IgnitionBattery Powered Push Button Ignition
Side ShelvesYesYes / With Built-in Cutting Board
Powered ByPropanePropane
Best ForEggs, Pancakes, Quesadillas, Grilled Cheese, Steak, Potatoes, Teppanyaki Style Foods & moreEggs, Pancakes, Quesadillas, Grilled Cheese, Steak, Potatoes, Teppanyaki Style Foods & more
Special Features4 Zone Heating Control, Electric Ignition, Built in Grease Catcher, 4 Heavy Duty Castors, 2 Cantilevered Shelves, Folding Legs, Casters Locking System4 Zone Heating Control, Electric Ignition, Built in Grease Catcher, 4 Heavy Duty Castors, 2 Cantilevered Shelves, Folding Legs, Casters Locking System, Paper Towel Holder, Garbage Bag Hooks
WarrantyOne Year WarrantyOne Year Warranty
User Rating4.7/5 Star4.7/5 Star
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Key Differences: Blackstone 1554 Vs 1825 Gas Griddle


The Blackstone 1554 Griddle measures 62.5x22x36 inches, while the Blackstone 1825 Griddle measures 66.25×27.6×35.4 inches. The 1825 Griddle is slightly larger, making it a better option for those who need more cooking space.


The Blackstone 1554 Griddle comes in a black finish, while the Blackstone 1825 Griddle has a stainless-steel finish. The stainless-steel finish of the 1825 Griddle gives it a more professional and sleek look, making it a great option for outdoor cooking.


The Blackstone 1554 Griddle weighs 120 pounds, while the Blackstone 1825 Griddle weighs 134 pounds. The slight weight difference between the two griddles is not significant and should not affect the overall cooking experience.

Side Shelves

Both the 1554 and 1825 Griddles come with side shelves, but the 1825 Griddle has a built-in cutting board on one of its shelves, making it easier for users to chop and prepare ingredients.

Special Features

Both the 1554 and 1825 Griddles come with 4 Zone Heating Control, Electric Ignition, Built in Grease Catcher, 4 Heavy Duty Castors, 2 Cantilevered Shelves, Folding Legs, and Casters Locking System. However, the 1825 Griddle has additional features, such as a paper towel holder and garbage bag hooks, which make it a more versatile and convenient option for outdoor cooking.

In conclusion, the Blackstone 1825 Griddle is a slightly larger and more versatile option compared to the Blackstone 1554 Griddle, making it a better choice for those who want a high-quality outdoor cooking experience.

Blackstone 1554 Griddle Review

The Blackstone 1554 Griddle is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile and durable flat top griddle. With four burners and an output of 15,000 BTU per burner (for a total of 60,000 BTU), it has enough power to cook your favorite dishes with ease. The griddle features a heavy-duty steel construction with a black finish that ensures it can take on any cooking challenge and last you through years of use.

Measuring 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches and weighing 120 pounds, this griddle offers 720 square inches of cooking surface so you can easily prepare several dishes at once without overcrowding the griddle. Plus, the 4 zone heating control allows you to customize your cooking experience by setting different temperatures for different sections of the griddle simultaneously. Additionally, the battery-powered push button ignition system makes lighting up your grill quick and easy every time.

Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36” Outdoor Griddle Station with Side Shelf (1554)
  • INNOVATIVE REAR GREASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: If you plan on cooking bacon or any other juicy meat, cleaning up can be tedious. Luckily, our propane griddle features a patented rear grease trap that collects all the mess and makes after-cooking clean-up a breeze.
  • Replace your standard grill - replace your grill or BBQ with a Blackstone griddle and never look back -This grill is simple to use and easy to assemble, so you'll be cooking in no time- Eliminate the hassle of kerosene, charcoal and matches; this grill includes an easy start, Battery powered push button ignition- With the simple push of a button your griddle is ready to go- Take the headache away from outdoor cooking and spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

The Blackstone also features two cantilevered shelves that fold down when not in use, which is perfect for storing ingredients or keeping cooked food warm until you’re ready to serve it up. It also comes with 4 heavy duty castors that make it easy to move around when necessary, as well as a locking system that keeps them securely in place during operation. Most notably, the built-in grease catcher helps keep grease from clogging up your grill and making cleaning much easier after each use.

Overall, this griddle is great for any type of meal preparation including eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, steak dinners, potatoes – or even teppanyaki style foods if you’re feeling adventurous. Although there is no propane hose included with purchase, most people find they have one lying around already or are able to easily acquire one from their local hardware store. And with its 1 year warranty and current user rating of 4.7/5 stars on Amazon – you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving only the highest quality product available today.

Pros √

  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel frame and body
  • Large cooking surface of 720 square inches
  • 4 heavy-duty burners with a total heating output of 60,000 BTU
  • 4-zone heating control for precise temperature control
  • Battery-powered push button ignition for easy start-up
  • Built-in grease catcher for easy maintenance
  • Folding legs and locking casters for portability and storage
  • Good user rating with 4.7 stars out of 5

Cons ×

  • No propane hose included
  • Heavy weight of 120 pounds

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Blackstone 1825 Propane Griddle Review

Blackstone 1825 Griddle is a premium flat top griddle designed to give you the power and convenience of four burners with 15,000 BTUs of heat each, and a total of 60,000 BTUs. The large 720 square inches of cooking surface provide plenty of room to prepare multiple dishes at once. It is made from stainless steel and has a sleek finish that gives it an additional touch of elegance.

One unique feature of this griddle is its 4 zone heating control system which allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures. This makes it easy to prepare complex meals quickly and easily. The electric ignition lets you fire up the burners with a simple push button, while the built-in grease catcher lets you wipe away excess fat and oil for a healthier meal. To make moving it around easier, this griddle also features four heavy-duty castors as well as two cantilevered shelves for storage.

Blackstone 36" Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle with Built in Cutting Board, Garbage Holder and Side Shelf (1825), Black
  • NEW FEATURES - This unit comes equipped with Blackstone's new and improved side shelf giving the user a removable cutting board, convenient paper towel holder, and strategically placed trash bag hooks. PLUS Blackstone's new rear grease management system to help eliminate mess.
  • RESTAURANT STYLE COOKING - With 720sq inches of flat top grilling, this griddle is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cook eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, steak, potatoes, teppanyaki style foods and more. Also enjoy a bottom shelf, side shelf and the NEW side shelf with cutting board, paper towel holder and trash bag hooks.

The Blackstone 1825 Griddle is perfect for preparing eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, steak, potatoes, teppanyaki style foods and more. With its folding legs and casters locking system, the griddle can be easily transported or stored when not in use. Other features include paper towel holder, trash bag hooks and built-in cutting board on one side shelf for added convenience. Finally, this product comes with a one year warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case anything goes wrong.

Overall, the Blackstone 1825 Griddle offers plenty of features that make it an ideal choice for cooks who want to enjoy delicious meals quickly and conveniently. With its large cooking surface area and powerful heat output along with easy temperature control settings this griddle will undoubtedly become an essential part of your kitchen setup in no time! Those who have already purchased this product rate it highly – averaging 4.7/5 stars – so you can rest assured that your purchase will be worth your while.

Pros √

  • Durable steel construction
  • Large cooking surface (720 square inches)
  • 4 burners with 15,000 BTU each, providing a total of 60,000 BTU
  • 4-zone heating control for precise cooking
  • Battery-powered push-button ignition for easy start
  • Built-in grease catcher for easy clean-up
  • Heavy-duty castors and folding legs for portability and storage
  • Comes with side shelves with built-in cutting board and additional features like paper towel holder and garbage bag hooks
  • One-year warranty

Cons ×

  • Heavier weight (134 pounds) may make it difficult to move
  • Limited to outdoor use with propane power source
  • May require more maintenance than electric griddles

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Verdict: Blackstone 1554 Vs 1825 Propane Griddle

Both the Blackstone 1554 and 1825 Propane Griddles have a 720-square inch cooking surface. In terms of other features, the Blackstone 1825 and 1554 have four burners, 4-zone heating control for an amazing cooking experience. Both griddles have built in grease catcher, casters for easy mobility but Blackstone 1825 propane griddle has the following in addition to all other features:

  • Paper towel hook
  • Garbage bag hooks
  • Built-in cutting and chopping board

Overall, both the Blackstone 1554 and 1825 Propane Griddles have similar cooking capabilities, but the Blackstone 1825 has additional features that provide more versatility and convenience. If you are looking for a griddle for large outdoor cooking events or need to cook for a larger group of people, either of these griddles would be a good choice. However, the Blackstone 1825 would be the better option if you are looking for a griddle with more features and conveniences.

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